Ya Shi Xiang Dancong (Duck Sh*t Oolong)

Oolong Tea Leaves, Yashixiang Cultivar, Twice Roasted

 This tea is widely known as Duck Shit Aroma Oolong due to the legend associated with it.​​​​​ Whilst it doesn't actually smell like duck poo, the aroma story is believed to have been spread by the tea farmers trying to protect their precious commodity from theft.  

 Dancong is a category of oolongs meaning it is tea picked from a single bush.

 Provenance: Dong Jiao Village, Phoenix Mountain, China

Tasting Notes

Delicate and clear floral notes with complex notes of dried peach and a molasses sweetness finished with tones of chestnut and umami.

How to Brew

To get the most from this tea it is best brewed in the Gong Fu Cha style, using a glass or porcelain vessel (clay pots tend to mute its flavour). It also benefits from flash brewing.

Use 4-5g per pot at 90°C

1st Brew : 10s

2nd Brew : 5s

3rd Brew : 5s

Continue as above, then add 5s per following brew once you notice the flavour diminishing.


£14.50/35g Jar