Let’s get to know tea!

Let’s get to know tea!

We introduced the idea of a monthly tea tasting event because we know our tea menu at the Tea Bar can be a little overwhelming and we wanted to give people the chance to get to know a handful of teas really well. We have now gone over the 40 tea mark on our menu and if Duncan had his way that could easily grow to 50; not too sure our tea shelves could cope with that!

The tasting events are a really chilled out evening. We’ve made them ticketed so that we can keep the experience relaxed and comfortable. The idea of lots of people turning up, whilst probably great craic, would change the evening to standing room only, and that’s not what we want. This way we know who’s coming so we can create a really special experience.

The evening allows you to not only taste the teas, but learn about why we love them so darn much. Each of the teas within the Tea Bar have either been blended by us, or specially chosen because of its greatness. Duncan, in particular, is brilliant at explaining the backstories and special tips about the teas.

So if you love tea, or just want to get to know more about tea, then do join us! We host the event on the last Thursday of every month and you can find us down New Row in Coleraine. Head over to our events page for more info.

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